Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Services (known as BOPSASS) is a free 24 hours service in the Bay of Plenty for adults, teenagers and children who have been sexually assaulted.

If you would like to talk to one of our nurses or counsellors about what has happened to you, and what we can do to help you, then please contact us.

 Where are we :             

7 Kauri Street, Tauranga: for clinic  assessments and follow-up and co-ordination of services

Rapuoranga (Forensic exams):  Tauranga Police/CYF   

Whakatane: Joint CYF/Police facility, with clinics held once a week at the Maori Health Services building at Whakatane Hospital campus.

How it works : 

Acute service - A region-wide Nurse and Counsellor-led helpline and triage service operates 24/7/365 with access through referrals, or self-admission/reporting

For an acute service, we operate a triage service to arrange the most appropriate assessment based on need. For this, we consider:

·        age of client

·        timing since alleged incident

·        location

·        staff availability

·        need for forensic examination

·        psychological and/or medical needs of client


 Who do we see:

Children ( 0–12)  who have disclosed sexual abuse or where there are concerns about possible sexual abuse

Adolescents (13 –19) who have been sexually abused or have experienced sexual assault/unwanted sexual contact

Adults (20 +) who have ever experienced sexual assault/abuse


Who can refer: 

We accept referrals from any source by phone / fax / email, including NZ Police, Child Youth and Family,

CAMHS, community agencies, counsellors, GPs, After-hours medical services, family / friends and self-referrals.

What do we do :

·        Medical assessment completed  by doctor and nurse

·        Forensic medical examination ( collecting evidence for police )

·        Therapeutic Examination including STI and pregnancy prevention

·        Initial psychological and emotional support  / crisis intervention counselling

·        Follow up support and advice / Follow up STI screen  / Follow up medical assessment

·        Coordination of long term ACC sensitive claims counselling.

We know it takes courage to ask for help. You are not alone.